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Hello and welcome to the Powys Carers Website

On this website we will try and provide you with all of the information you need to know if you find yourself caring for a family member or friend.

There are already numerous national websites providing specialist information to Carers about the illnesses, conditions or impairments of the person(s) they care for and other national websites providing information specifically for Carers. Powys County Council and the Health Board also provide some information about the services available to Carers.

We do not wish merely to duplicate this information and we provide links to all of these sites (if you know of any more sites you think might be interesting for Carers in Powys let us know!)

Our Website is dedicated to the thousands of Carers living in Powys and we will try and provide you with local information about the services and support available to you and keep you abreast of national developments and research that may affect you.

We also have an information page for professionals who wish to learn about good practice or find out themselves what services are available

We will publish research about Carers carried out by ourselves or where it has implications for Carers in Powys.

Finally, should you find it difficult or confusing to navigate through the wealth of information on the web we have contact numbers for our Young Carer and Adult Carer Outreach Workers who can visit you at home (or a location of your choice) to listen to you, provide you with information, tell you about local support groups and help you maintain your own health & well-being.

We are here to support Carers not only to continue Caring, but as individuals.

Powys Carers Service Provide Support for the whole of Powys ( Office location shown )